Hello there!

Seems like the wind of curiosity (or maybe of need?) brought you here, so let’s tell you a little bit about us.

Atelier Fain

is a digital & web development boutique based in Romania, with Romanian and international clients, as well, mainly in Europe. We are a bilingual team, even though our name has a very strong local flavor. We are very adaptable and social, as Romanians are, but at the same time rigorous and professional about our work.

We are working

with advertising agencies for which we function as an external resource of programming and digital consultancy. But also grateful end-customers who want a full commitment, from consultancy to execution.

You can be an artist, an entrepreneur or a company, we are here to help you set your online identity. From scratch or not.

Our mission

is to turn digital into crafting. All our digital products are customized, personalized and adapted to our clients’ needs, based on the latest digital trends and features.

Our core values

are responsibility, passion and respect for our customers. We want to transform every connection in a long-term partnership because even though we are really spontaneous and adaptable with our work, we enjoy serious professional relationships.

Our team

is made up of professionals with over 10 years of experience in design, programming, marketing and communication consultancy. For each particular project, we create mixed teams customized according to the client's needs and the specifics of the project. We bring together inhouse resources and external collaborations that we fully trust, for successful results.